Dr. George Tilesch on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

In this interview I speak to Dr. George A. Tilesch about his new book BetweenBrains: Taking Back Our Future in the AI Age and his work on developing responsible AI. We discuss why citizens should be educated about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and have a say in its development. He explains how AI now affects our lives and will become entrenched in law and policy, even while we need more legal safeguards today. The importance of moving beyond narrow definitions of algorithmic bias to consider human influence at all stages of its development is also discussed. He explains how AI could rewire our brains and not just influence but dictate our behaviour. While there is not just an economic but a military race for AI development, New Zealand is one country that is applying Māori principles in the development of their AI. He also compares the Chinese, US and EU approach to AI, talks about AI and the environment and AI’s influence on the future of work.

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BetweenBrains: Taking Back Our Future in the AI Age
Dr. George A Tilesch

DR. GEORGE A. TILESCH is a senior global innovation and AI expert who is a conduit and trusted advisor between the US and EU ecosystems, specializing in AI Strategy, Ethics, Impact, Policy, and Governance. Most recently, he was Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer for Global Affairs at Ipsos, a global Top 3 research firm, where he led the Digital Impact & Governance research and advisory practice and coordinated AI thought leadership. His global senior executive and strategy consulting leadership track record span decades with government leaders worldwide; Microsoft and Fortune 50 Tech corporations; international organizations and global think tanks; startups/scaleups; and global social innovation leaders. A senior consultant and frequent keynote speaker at major innovation conferences and a guest lecturer at US and EU universities, George is leading an AI Policy Working Group for Club De Madrid-World Leadership Alliance on AI, Trust & Democracy and is involved in multiple World Economic Forum Experts Groups, designing AI government strategy, and AI regulatory frameworks.

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