What is Techilosophy?

Techilosophy explores culture and phenomena especially from indigenous cultures and the Global South, that are often hidden and under-represented yet relevant to our development of science and technology.  The arts (tékhnē), also considered technologies, and other creative methods are used for learning, research and work, that goes beyond boundaries to provide multi-world, inter-cultural and multicultural perspectives to reimagine our world.

This type of research and work aims to be non-hierarchical, collaborative and cooperative, as well as to break down boundaries between the arts, humanities and social sciences and the sciences, technology, engineering, math, and medicine to reveal hidden insights and provide informed, meaningful, just and sustainable solutions.

Growing up in the multicultural Caribbean twin-island country, Trinidad and Tobago, supports my appreciation of the ability for different types of cultures to inform each other and support helpful connections that have the potential to benefit all.

If you would like to chat or work together. Feel free to contact me.

Keisha C Taylor-Wesselink (PhD)