Current Research

– Taylor-Wesselink, Wallace (2021) Draft System of Preconditions for Successful Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Integration

Galvini, Sessa, Wallace, Taylor-Wesselink, Ohlmeyer, Lyall, Fletcher, Vienni-Baptista,  Pohl, Maryl, Buchner, Wciślik, Błaszczyńska, González, (2021) Report of workshops and analysis of Interdisciplinary (ID) Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) IDR/AHSS integration learning cases

Taylor-Wesselink, K and Teulon, F (2020) The Interaction and Influence of Digital and Non-Digital Structures, Cultures and Social Norms on Entrepreneurship. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. Special Issue: Digital Entrepreneurship – A Social Interaction Perspective (Accepted – Under review)

– (2020) Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago: Examining the Complexities of Affordances and Constraints: Report – Research Findings and Recommendations

– PhD Thesis: Digital platforms and entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago: An Examination of their Relationships using Technology Affordances and Constraints – working on publications from research

– 11th ACM WebSci19 – Web Science Conference 2019 – PhD Symposium – Boston, USA – Affordances and Constraints on Entrepreneur Interactions and Relations when using Digital Platforms: Visibility, Accessibility, and Immediacy Intermingled with Risk, Uncertainty and Socio-Economic Constraint (Poster and Presentation)

– 10th ACM WebSci18 – Web Science Conference 2018 – PhD Symposium – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – An Exploration of the use of Digital Platforms for Individual Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago (Poster and Presentation)

– (2018) Relations between Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship in the Context of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems – PhD Doctoral Conference: Southampton Business School: Transforming research and Practice through Cross-disciplinary Insights in Business, Law and Arts

– (2016) User Interpretations of Social Innovation in the Sharing economy – Third International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Past Research/Articles

Selected Other (Presentations, Blogs, Workshops, Events)

Presentation Digital and the Global South, Africa/the world (2020) Science Digital United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 76 Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy

Data for Good – Flipboard

The Guardian (2013) How to become data literate – Live discussion

Internet Technical Advisory Group (2013) Experience of an ISOC fellow at the OECD: Big Data

NetSquared blog – Tech for Good Network

Nonprofit Commons (2012) Big Data Use For Development 

Digital Impact – 4 Steps Toward an Open Data Business Models

NTEN (2012) – What is the Value of the Cloud for CSOs in the Developing World?

Internet Governance Forum, Istanbul, Turkey (2014) Connecting Small Island States with Access to Data

Internet Governance Forum, Bali Indonesia (2013) Internet governance and Open Government Data initiatives

Internet Governance Forum, Nairobi, Kenya (2011) Public Sector Information Online: Towards a Global Policy Framework

Internet Governance of Open Government Data and for Sustainable Development

Diplo Internet Governance Community