Current Research

– Taylor-Wesselink, Wallace (2021) Draft System of Preconditions for Successful Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Integration

Galvini, Sessa, Wallace, Taylor-Wesselink, Ohlmeyer, Lyall, Fletcher, Vienni-Baptista,  Pohl, Maryl, Buchner, Wciślik, Błaszczyńska, González, (2021) Report of workshops and analysis of Interdisciplinary (ID) Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) IDR/AHSS integration learning cases

Taylor-Wesselink, K and Teulon, F (2020) The Interaction and Influence of Digital and Non-Digital Structures, Cultures and Social Norms on Entrepreneurship. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. Special Issue: Digital Entrepreneurship – A Social Interaction Perspective

– (2020) Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago: Examining the Complexities of Affordances and Constraints: Report – Research Findings and Recommendations

– PhD Thesis: Digital platforms and entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago: An Examination of their Relationships using Technology Affordances and Constraints – working on publications from research

– 11th ACM WebSci19 – Web Science Conference 2019 – PhD Symposium – Boston, USA – Affordances and Constraints on Entrepreneur Interactions and Relations when using Digital Platforms: Visibility, Accessibility, and Immediacy Intermingled with Risk, Uncertainty and Socio-Economic Constraint (Poster and Presentation)

– 10th ACM WebSci18 – Web Science Conference 2018 – PhD Symposium – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – An Exploration of the use of Digital Platforms for Individual Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago (Poster and Presentation)

– (2018) Relations between Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship in the Context of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems – PhD Doctoral Conference: Southampton Business School: Transforming research and Practice through Cross-disciplinary Insights in Business, Law and Arts

– (2016) User Interpretations of Social Innovation in the Sharing economy – Third International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Past Research/Articles