I cohost A Correction: A Podcast where I am conducting a series of interviews with those doing researching and working in science and technology. In this series we talk about the interconnectedness of science and technology with other fields and everyday life and discuss perspectives from the global south and indigenous communities.

A Correction was started in 2016 by Lev Moscow to help high school students think critically about the local and international political economy. Today not just high school students but educators, researchers, organisations and the general public tune in around the world to hear from those doing interesting research not just on the political economy, but on its many interconnected fields. Check out A Correction: A Podcast to listen to more podcasts offering thought provoking insight into the political economy.

A summary and the links to my podcast interviews can be found below.

Dr. Logan D. A. Williams on Innovation By and For Marginalized People

Dr. Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu on Indigenous Knowledge, Education, Innovation and Community in Africa

Interview with Prof. Ron Eglash: African Fractals, Indigenous Knowledge, Modern Computing, AI, Generative Justice

Co-hosting A Correction: A Podcast & Interview on Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago