I cohost A Correction: A Podcast. For this podcast I conduct interviews with experts doing groundbreaking research and work in science and technology about their interconnectedness with other fields and everyday life. Perspectives from the global south and indigenous communities are especially highlighted and the arts (tékhnē) are also considered technologies.

A Correction was started in 2016 by Lev Moscow to help high school students think critically about the local and international political economy. I have been an avid listener since it first launched! Today not just students but educators, researchers and the general public tune in around the world to hear from those doing interesting research not just on the political economy, but on its many interconnected fields. Check out A Correction: A Podcast to listen to more podcasts offering thought-provoking insight into the political economy.

The podcast is now within the top 2.5% of podcasts worldwide in terms of listeners (per Listen Notes) and individual episodes are frequently listed by The Syllabus (the-syllabus.com) as among the 10 best political economy podcasts of a particular week.  The podcast is reaching thousands of listeners each month. 

A summary and the links to my podcast interviews can be found below. The podcasts can be found on the A Correction website or all the usual podcast channels, Spotify, Apple podcast …

Dr. Jonathan Pugh on Islands, the Anthropocene and Why There Will Still be Islands At the End of the World

Amelia Winger-Bearskin on the Metaverse, DAOS, Gaming, NFTs and Indigenous Culture

Dr. Vernelle Noel on Craft, Carnival, Architecture and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Donald Grinde on the Native American Foundation of US Democracy and Ecology

Prof. Soraj Hongladarom on Buddhism, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Prof. Nkechi Madonna Agwu and Indigenous African Mathematics in Modern Education

Dr. Karaitiana Taiuru on Māori Data, Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Nettrice Gaskins on The Future of Art and Artificial Intelligence

Muhammad Muwakil of Freetown Collective on What it Means to Be Free

Dr. George A Tilesch on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Dr. Logan D. A. Williams on Innovation By and For Marginalized People

Dr. Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu on Indigenous Knowledge, Education, Innovation and Community in Africa

Interview with Prof. Ron Eglash: African Fractals, Indigenous Knowledge, Modern Computing, AI, Generative Justice

Co-hosting A Correction: A Podcast & Interview on Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago