Muhammad Muwakil of Freetown Collective on What it Means to Be Free

‘I think that one of the greatest tragedies of the systematic stance is that it robs all of us of our imagination. So I find it particularly unimaginative when someone tells me that things are the way they are. Before there were airplanes people couldn’t fly, before there were lightbulbs there was no light … before there was there wasn’t … there only was because somebody dreamed it … so the power of our imagination is what takes us to where we want to go and we’ve used it for so many other things. We’ve used it to break the hold of gravity and go into space. You telling me that we can’t balance inequality on the earth…’

Muhammad Muwakil

This episode of A Correction was really special for me, as I chat with Muhammad Muwakil from Freetown Collective my favorite contemporary band, who just happens to also be from Trinidad and Tobago, the place I’ll always call home. I hope this will be the start of a series of episodes focusing on the arts as technology and that you draw some hope, courage and wisdom from this conversation.

Bob Marley sang … “when music hits you, you feel no pain”. The Caribbean has a new timeless musical sound, musical medicine, for our generation, coming from Freetown Collective in Trinidad and Tobago which resonates with the greats that came before. In this episode, I speak to Muhammad Muwakil, lead singer of Freetown Collective. The motto of Freetown Collective is ‘till everywhere is free’ and Muhammad is not afraid to tell the story of our times and encourage imagination, hope, love and justice through the poetry, science and technology of music in his own very unique and authentic way. Freetown Collective launched its first studio album Born in Darkness to critical acclaim in 2018. Their beautiful second studio album YAGO was released in 2020. He also starred in the 2013 film God Loves the Fighter. For the show, Muhammad brings his guitar along to grace us with two beautiful songs to start and end the show called Amen and Oshun.

Listen to the podcast on the A Correction website, Spotify, Apple Podcast and all other podcast platforms. Enjoy!

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